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I have been seeing Laurence regularly over the past six years both for the occasional acute condition and for regular ‘maintenance’. She is professional in her approach and a gentle and attentive practitioner. I have been impressed by her results especially where muscular pain has been involved and I always come away feeling physically re-tuned. The feeling of well-being extends beyond the physical. Laurence even succeeds in switching off my chocolate-eating urges!
A combination of Acupuncture and Osteopathy at The Bampton Clinic has been a godsend; reducing the frequency of my migraines considerably and allowing me to come off prophylactic medication.
I cannot recommend Philippa highly enough. She has treated two of my children and the results have been remarkable. Happier children and happier parents. My young son had always been a poor sleeper, frequently waking three or four times a night and we were exhausted. He was seen by Philippa and improved instantly and now consistently sleeps through the night. The results truly speak for themselves. My six-week-old daughter is currently being treated following birth trauma and a stay in SCBU again with amazing results. Philippa treats the individual holistically taking the time to really get to know the child and family. I completely trust her advice and recommendations. She's always spot on. Thank you Philippa.
I'd had a bad shoulder for years which I'd just put up with, then I started doing a lot of boxing training and the shoulder got worse. I was recommended to see June and I'm glad I was. It took quite a few sessions to sort out fully (but that was due to me being stubborn and not wanting to stop my boxing!) but June finally managed to sort my shoulder out. It now feels good as new. The hot stones were amazing and allowed a much deeper massage. I highly recommend June, not only is she a brilliant masseuse, she has a vast knowledge of the body and gave me lots of advice on other issues. She also made me feel completely relaxed and is really friendly. I wouldn't use anyone else now.
Rarely am I surprised by anything but having been sceptical about the benefits of acupuncture I completely changed by opinion after just one treatment. Laurence came very highly recommended and rightly so as my back and chest pains almost completely disappeared after one treatment and by the time I had seen Laurence three times I was, and almost four months later remain, pain free.
After years of visits to various practitioners about my back pain I was so relieved to discover Miles, who is the only one to have really understood the problem and provided a practical, effective treatment plan. He is not only capable and professional but also gives an exceptional level of client care, taking a genuine interest in his patient's wellbeing. His holistic approach, using a variety of different treatment methods, has worked well for me and mid- way through my programme my symptoms are much improved. I trust his judgement and am so grateful that I can finally see the way forward to a long term solution. Anyone who suffers from back pain will know just how valuable it is to find an osteopath like this. I couldn't recommend him more.
Philippa is a genius. I have suffered with various back issues for many years. She not only relieved the pain but more importantly diagnosed the underlying problem so that I am now pain free.
I have found Fiona Shires Reflexology very useful in the treatment of my migraines. Her treatment sessions are very relaxing and beneficial. She is a very helpful person and very flexible in making appointment times to fit in with my busy life!

Roger, Osteopathy patient

Four years ago I met Philippa after six years plus of pain, MRI’s, CT scans, medication and “Specialists” telling me I needed various complicated operations on my spine and right knee.

I am now pain free, cycle 100+ miles a week, go to the gym for cardio and weights and attend a variety of semi competitive cycling and ‘boot-camp’ activities with no problems.

Yes, she worked her ‘Osteopathy’ magic, but, just as importantly she gave me some straight talking no nonsense advice to improve my core stability, self-correct my posture and take some weight of my chassis to alleviate some of the pressure on various parts of my skeleton. My goodness not only did it work – but it worked incredibly speedily. I feel fitter and (apparently!) look better than I did 15 years ago.

Philippa - Thank you.

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